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Chef­ Jouvens­ has­ become­ one­ of­ Haitian­ Creole­ cuisine’s­ biggest­

exponents­ and­ innovators.

A passion turned into love

What Sets Him Apart

Few can claim to have come out on the Food Network’s popular show “Chef Wanted” and ended up being the chosen one. Fewer still have also emerged victorious on the same network’s notoriously competitive show, “Cutthroat Kitchen”. He was south out for a third time by the network to battle Bobby Flay on his show “Beat Bobby Flay”. To solidify his champion status, he was crowned the Creole “Chopped” Champion on the same network. Throw in “author Yon Ti Epis, Bahamian born, U.S. raised, Haitian origin, and international travel exposure” and you end up with the recipe of acclaimed celebrity Chef Jouvens Jean.

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His experience has allowed him to effortlessly transcend in the culinary industry. He has opened countless restaurants and hotels in several countries, he’s taught culinary arts in the U.S., China and the Caribbean, he’s won numerous awards and accolades and with all of his accomplishments he is still able to remain humble. Despite being well versed in a variety of culinary concepts, the food of Haiti plays a central role in his culinary mastery.

Chef Jouvens has become one of Haitian Creole cuisine’s biggest exponents and innovators. This desire to push the cuisine forward is tempered by his profound respect for its principles, and unpretentious nature. He has spearheaded a variety of projects in Haiti, one of which he’s extremely passionate about, The Chef Jouvens Foundation. Concretely the foundation’s primary focus is concentrated on the youths of Haiti. His theory behind creating the foundation is that even if he can’t change the world, he hopes to inspire the mind that will.

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My Culinary Philosophy, as a Chef is...

...Cooking is the easy part.


Not paying attention to the most minuscule details is what will break you at the end of the day. My motto is, I am not a chef I’m an artist. I say this only because I take pride in my craft, but the reality of it is that I’m just a cook. I’m not a doctor saving anyone’s life, I’m just a cook...

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